Root Your 4G for WiFi Hotspot Goodness

As you know, Android 2.2 natively comes with the ability to function as a wifi hotspot, but that might not fit into every carrier’s business model. So don’t be surprised if certain carriers disable it on their phones.

Well thankfully, rooting your EVO 4G sidesteps this problem. We’ve already posted a tutorial on how to root your EVO 4G and even a video of it running rooted. But now the benefits of it are starting to roll in.

android-wifi-tether is an app for rooted handsets and enables tethering via bluetooth and wifi. Hell Yes. Who wants to use a neutered version of what is arguably the best smartphone OS? I sure don’t.

Now before you check out the link, there are a few things you should know.

  1. android-wifi-tether won’t work in infrastructure mode, ad-hoc is required
  2. You need to download a version that is at least 2.02.pre14 or higher, thats where EVO 4G support was added

Thats pretty much it, now go and download and tell Sprint what they can do with their $30/month hotspot app!