Photos of the Motorola Moto G (2015) box leak


Pictures of the upcoming Moto G (2015) have leaked showing the device in its retail box. The specs of the device written on the back of the box are also shown in the photos, confirming that the new Moto G will come with a 5-inch 720p display, sport a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU (Snapdragon 410 SoC) and be water resistant. Apparently, the Moto G comes with a pair of extra back covers, such as the blue and green ones shown above. The screen protector also confirms that the device will have a dual micro SIM functionality. Finally, the back of the box says that the Moto G will have IPX7 protection, making the device water resistant.

Official specs and other details of the device will be officially confirmed during Motorola’s event this Tuesday.

Source: HelloMotoHk (Facebook)
Via: Phone Arena

  • Yanwyn

    All the news about the new Moto G & Moto X phones is interesting, but they don’t make me feel like I really want to have one. Going by the leaked photos I think the previously released phones, the 1st & 2nd versions, are much more attractive and desirable. I really don’t like the metal bar they now apparently have going down the back of these 3rd version phones. Plus the Moto X still has no SD card option. So, no thanks, think I’ll stick with my Moto G 4G LTE for now.

    • David Leigh

      The moto g 4g lte is a great phone for me. I’m retired and I don’t need the latest and greatest. When a new moto g comes out a faster processor would be nice and a better camera is a must, like 10 mp. What the back of the camera looks like means little to me as my phone is always cased.