Senator Lindsey Graham takes a meat cleaver to his flip-phone


Billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump has begun to heat things up for his opponent Senator Lindsey Graham. At a campaign stop in South Carolina, Trump gave out Graham’s private cell phone number to the public, rendering it useless.

What is one to do with a cell phone that continues to get called by numbers across the country, haunted with strange voicemails and text messages? Well, with the help of the IJ Review, Graham has a few ideas, which involve golf clubs, blenders, fire, and more.

And that’s how you put your trusty flip-phone to rest. Surprisingly, Graham has acted calm about this ordeal, and now he is trying to decide which smartphone to get next.

One thing’s for sure: he won’t be giving his private cell number to too many people, and especially the Donald.

source: Benny Johnson (Twitter)
via: Engadget

  • komrath

    Trump is a special kind of asshole and anybody voting for him must be aware that these dirty tricks will happen all the time when he finally claws his way to the presidency ;-)

  • LeeJS

    Why are you reporting this like that’s what he actually did? We all know no one is that stupid and that all he did was use this as a publicity opportunity. He swapped his SIM card out like anyone would. His assistant got him a new number and he was done before he even knew what a dick Trump was.

    The man’s a multi millionaire. Do you really think he goes like looking for a new phone because of this?

    It was a joke. Report it as such and stop pretending otherwise.