Plex gets updated with new features, bug fixes, and Material Design makeover


Plex for Android has received a major update today, bringing with it the Material Design makeover and a handful of new features. Plex is one of many Android apps to see the move to Material Design as of late.

Here’s the full change log of features from Plex’s forums:

  • [Android TV] Add the ability to filter and sort items within a library section
  • Update quality selection to allow selection of “Original” quality, as well as only showing valid qualities during video playback.
  • Detect and warn about buffer underflows during video playback.
  • Improve playback of MP4s when using the Experimental Player.
  • Add the ability to select a specific version of a video, if multiple different quality versions are available.
  • Add support for multi-part video playback.
  • [Chromecast] Add ability to change quality and audio/subtitle during playback.
  • [Android TV] Enable support for searching channels.

In addition to features, Plex has knocked out a handful of bugs and performance issues plaguing the app. There’s been a lot of fixes to Android TV issues, along with some issues resolved where the app would crash during certain actions. Users experiencing these bugs should see a noticeable difference. You can check out the full change log of features and bugs here.

Plex migrated to a single app and updated its music platform to be your “go to” music player earlier this year.

If you haven’t received the update yet, scan the QR code or hit the download link below. Alternatively, you can grab the APK straight from Plex here.

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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  • bolski

    Love my Plex media server. I’ve ripped so many of my DVD collection to MP4s and I can stream them any time I want to. And, with my Roku or Chromecast, I can stream them to my TVs as well. No more having to go hunt through my DVD collection to find the movie. Just go to Plex, find the movie and watch it. Nice!

    • Brad

      I want to set up a Plex Media server – is there a way to add Netflix integration?