Samsung patents Apps Edge, brings new software tricks


Early last week, Samsung filed a patent on a new enhancement for it’s edge devices called “Apps Edge.” At this point in time, there are not many details on the new software. We are hoping that this patent is aimed at making better use of the side displays on Samsung’s edge handsets like the ones on the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Some leaked details on the software have emerged. Apps Edge could be used to better organize apps in addition to allowing quick access to frequently used applications or bookmarks. This is similar to what we saw originally on the Galaxy Note Edge, but the feature was discontinued on the later announced Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s also rumored to have additional features like active task previews and other goodies.

Samsung might be bringing this capability to third-party developers. If this were to come to a dedicated section for example, apps for edge models, it could significantly enhance the experience and that could be Samsung’s goal with this patent filing.

Via: Phone Arena