Huawei will be making the next Nexus


Chinese manufacture Huawei will be partnering with Google to make the next Nexus phone for this fall. This is not the first we have heard of this as last month IBT reported it was coming. It is also rumored that their will be two Nexus phones a 5.7-inch Huawei device and a 5.2-inch phone from LG.

This is a bold move by Google that could be very beneficial in many other ways too. There is talk that Huawei will help Google bring a mobile app store to China where they have very strict regulations to outsiders. Google is also said to help Huawei market any future devices in North America.

This could be a huge deal for Huawei as the Nexus phone is supposed to be exactly how Google wants to show off their operating system and it has a very strong following. If it goes well it could have a big impact on future sales of all their devices.

Source: The Information
Via: The Verge.