The official Star Wars app has made its way to the Play Store


Disney has brought the official Star Wars app on the Google Play Store. The free application is aimed to be a central hub for everything Star Wars–breaking news, trailers, posters, social media updates, and more.

If you want a central location for all of your Star Wars content, this app will more than do that. You’ll get notifications for breaking news, big announcements, trailers, and general movie news, which is presumably box office statistics, launch dates, and etc.

The Star Wars app at its core is a jack of all trades–you can customize the interface based on the light or dark side, you can take Star Wars-themed selfies, there’s mini games you can play, you can read Star Wars blogs inside the app, and much, much more.

It feels like an app that really doesn’t know what it is–it’s a poorly designed conglomerate of everything. But if you’re interested in taking it for a spin, be sure to scan the QR code or hit the download link below.
qr code

Play Store Download Link

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