Kabam reveals early gameplay footage for Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars Uprising (3)

While we wait for the seventh Star Wars (The Force Awakens) to be completed, game developer and publisher, Kabam, has released some early footage of its new game, Star Wars: Uprising slated for release in September. We have more details and the alpha gameplay video after the break.

Star Wars: Uprising takes place after Return of the Jedi in the franchise’s mythology, with its characters seemingly using blasters and the Force to fight off the evil Galactic Empire. Gameplay appears to be a top-down experience, Gauntlet-style.

Game Features:

  • Create the Hero the Galaxy Needs
    Choose from a wide range of special skills, species, visual customizations and classic Star Wars™ gear to become the next Han Solo, Boba Fett or entirely unique hero of your own design
  • Shape the Future of the Game Universe
    Join players worldwide in massive sector-wide battles to dictate the expansion of in-game content, including new planets, exclusive gear, and unique crew members
  • A New Chapter in Star Wars
  • Play the first mobile game in the Star Wars universe that takes place between Star Wars™: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi™ and Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™
  • Real-Time Co-op Against the Empire
    Explore the secrets of the sector, build a powerful crew with allies, and play alongside friends in synchronous cooperative play
  • Brave Challenges on Classic and New Worlds
    Battle your way through missions on Hoth, Cloud City and more, fighting against powerful bosses led by an ominous new adversary

If you pre-register your interest in Star Wars: Uprising here, you can also vote for the in-game content that all pre-registrants will receive once the game is launched. Once launched, Star Wars: Uprising will be available from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


Source: Kabam (YouTube)


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