Cartoon Network’s Formula Cartoon All-Stars racing game launches on Play Store

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Cartoon Network has launched a brand new racing game onto Google’s Play Store called Formula Cartoon All-Stars. The game features several characters and tons of tracks from Cartoon Network’s most popular franchises, including shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, plus several others.

The gameplay offers a hectic cart-racing experience, not unlike Mario Kart. There are tons of boosts, items, and weapons to keep races exciting, and the control scheme is completely optimized for just one finger.

If you’re into chaotic racing games, this might be worth checking out. Unfortunately, the app does carry a $4 price tag and has in-game ads and in-app purchases, which is a pretty heavy handed approach to making money. But there is at least quite a bit of content, and the game does seem pretty entertaining, so it might be able to justify the high barrier of entry.

You can check out some screenshots and the game trailer below.

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