Hangouts hits the billion Android installs milestone


Today Google’s messaging service Hangouts has finally reached its one billion installs mark, not long after Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp recently hit the goal themselves. Google’s Gmail for Android app was the first app to hit the billions installs landmark early last year.

Keep in mind that a billion installs by no means indicates how many people are actually using the service. The milestone means that the app has been installed across one billion Android devices, smartphones and tablets alike. However, active users are probably more down into the hundreds of millions, and only because of Hangouts’ SMS capabilities.

Google is hard at work improving the app with version 4.0, which will hopefully progressively draw more active users in. It’d be interesting to see it become as popular as, say, standard text messaging,

As for the next app to hit the one billion milestone, G00gle Street View could be up next, but Chrome and a myriad of other Google apps are tailing behind it.

source: Android Rank
via: Android Police

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