Google improves Android TV engagement with enhanced search and recommendations


There is a massive amount of content to be found on television but actually finding it is the difficult. The entire reason for Android TV’s existence is to be able to offer relevant content to individual users. So, today, it was announced that television apps on Android TV are searchable. Simply perform a search for a television show or movie and relating apps will show what content they offer. Right now, services like YouTube, Sky News, and Hulu Plus are allowing their Android TV apps to be searchable. EPIX, which also supports platform-wide search, just arrived on Android TV this afternoon.


Developers also have the option to start creating recommendations for their content. EPIX can recommend its movies, NBA Game Time can offer highlights, and YouTube can work around a user’s subscriptions and viewing history.

Source: Android Developers Blog

  • Brie

    Get Netflix to get on board. Stupid Netflix.