Angry Birds Fight! flies onto the Play Store as Rovio’s latest genre mashup


Rovio has flown a new game onto the Google Play Store, Angry Birds Fight!, which was originally only available in Asian markets. The new title is a “match-3 frenzy” puzzle game, where you can challenge strangers and friends in real-time.

In Angry Birds Fight! you have to match various types of birds to build your birds’ power up. Once time runs out, Angry Birds Fight! drops its Bejewled match-3 theme and turns into an all out Japanese fighting genre. If you win fights, you’ll gain XP and bird coins to accessorize and upgrade your bird.

Angry Birds Fight! is free, for the most part. There’s a bevy of in-app purchases you can make to speed up upgrading your bird if you don’t want to spend countless hours trying to earn XP and its in-game currency, bird coins. If you’re interested in joining the fight in Rovio’s latest Angry Birds adaption, you can do so for free by scanning the QR code or hitting the download link below.

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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