You can play videos in 8K resolution on YouTube, but it’s not practical


YouTube is apparently capable of 8K video playback. Filmed on a RED Epic Dragon 6K, ‘Ghost Towns,’ a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday, can be played in 4320p.

Most users, including myself, thought YouTube was only capable of 4K, but according to 9to5Google’s request for comment, the search giant says it has been supported since 2011, but the label was added “earlier this year.”

While the technology is there, no one really has any hardware where you can see the full capabilities of 8K video playback, let alone 4K. Of course, what warrants a person to purchase a 4K monitor when there’s hardly any 4K content to watch?

It’s an interesting cycle–4K hardware isn’t popular because there’s no 4K content, and there’s no 4K content because 4K hardware isn’t widely accepted. Just like the boom of the smartphone industry, consumers will have to realize how 4K will enhance their lives before it gains any momentum.

I’m still waiting for the day when 4K becomes the norm. For that to happen, 4K video cameras would have to become inexpensive, and considering that most are upwards of $35k, that isn’t happening anytime soon. But, here’s the burning question: when will we see the first 8K TV or monitor?

source: 9to5Google

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