Plex’s Media Server software now uses SSL certificates, offers secure connection

Plex Media Server Secure Connection

Phones, tablets, televisions, computers, gaming consoles and streaming players; it seems that Plex is available almost any content playing device you can think of. With this being the age of criminal gangs of hackers, the NSA and seemingly every other country attempting to get their hands on your data, is it too paranoid to want Plex to be more secure?

Plex doesn’t seem to think so, as the company has just updated its apps for Android, Plex Home Theater, web app, Windows and the Roku (Preview app) to begin using secure connections. Plex has started giving out SSL security certificates if you are using the Plex Media Server software. To check if your Plex connection is secure, log in on the web and you should see the green lock in the address bar, along with Plex.Inc. also in green. It’s important to note that you should be running the latest Plex release: v0.9.12.3.

The update should reach gaming consoles and Smart TV’s soon, and if you own an iOS device, don’t fret, a major release on the horizon that includes full support for secure connections.

Source: Plex