Archos accuses French government of attempting to stunt tablet industry with Android tax

The tablet industry has certainly grown and become quite successful. It’s only natural that the government would want to tax a successful technology, but Archos thinks the French government is taking it too far. So far that Archos is accusing the French government of trying to stunt the tablet industry.

The French government is considering imposing a new tablet tax that would affect all tablet models that have at least 40GB of internal storage as part of French “private copy” tax which imposes extra fees on digital media like blank CDs, DVDs and USB thumb drives.

Here’s where the French government gets ridiculous; French lawmakers want to tax devices running iOS or Android, but they don’t want to tax Windows 7 tablets, because that’s a “full” OS instead of a mobile one.

When a distinction like that is made between tablets, the tax does not make sense at all. At the same time, it would penalize one of the most prominent French tablet makers, Archos, which works exclusively with Android.

Archos is now accusing the government of discriminating against French enterprises while catering to US and Japanese firms. As proof, Archoes points out the fact that they paid over three million euros in private copying taxes in 2009 alone.

[via geek]

  • James Chou

    The French…

  • zaiger

    Will all French tablets be running Android 1.0 with clocks showing two different times?

  • Mikka Burrell

    Actually, that’s Android 1.6 ;)

  • John McPherson

    But what tablet is that?Looks like an A5 or A7 IMT?RUNNING ANDROID?!?!?!?!?!?!?!