Google VR to be shown off at Google I/O this week


With the Google I/O all set to kick off later this week, a few pointers about the company’s plans have leaked out. The company is seemingly holding a myriad of VR related events during the course of the 2-day event.

A new revelation suggests that Google could be pushing the virtual reality envelope further this year with Google VR expected to be shown off. This plan was in motion since last year’s I/O event where the company gave away attendees something known as Google Cardboard, which was a simple VR headset that anybody could make at home.

But things could be different this year with the company looking to take the platform further. This is not to say that Google will actually show off hardware this week, but merely that they could encourage OEMs to come forward and leverage Google’s VR platform.

We’ll know more about Google VR and its plans for the future over the course of the week.

Via: Slash Gear