SwiftKey releases its latest Greenhouse innovation


Last month, SwiftKey set up a brand new scheme entitled Greenhouse which it’s using as a platform to release experimental apps to the public for them to test and provide feedback on. Today’s the day the second application was introduced as part of the initiative, and it’s a shiny new Android launcher called Hexy.

Hexy, as the name suggests, has a hexagon feel. The launcher automatically organizes the apps on your homescreen into a canvas of hexagonal tiles with the most frequently used positioned in the middle to make up the central hexagon. According to SwiftKey, “Hexy saves you time when you’re searching for and launching apps. It learns from how you use apps to surface the app you’re most likely to want to use next”.

All of Hexy’s features can be seen below:

  • All your apps arranged in a clean and color-coordinated hexagonal design.
  • A central hexagon that contains your apps Hexy thinks are most relevant to you, based on your previous use of apps.
  • The ability to quickly filter the apps in your grid using the search bar.
  • Options to add widgets for your apps and size them dynamically.

If you’d like to find out more about Hexy and want to give it a go — hit the source link below.

Source: SwiftKey



About the Author: Josh Levenson

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