Pebble Time units to start shipping out on May 27


Makers of the popular Pebble wearable announced the new Pebble Time smartwatch in February this year via Kickstarter. After reaching its $20 million funding goal in no time, the company had promised to start shipping out products by May.

The company is now sticking to its promise and has announced that the first units of the smartwatch will start shipping out starting May 27, which is next Wednesday. Given the pace of production, units that were pre-ordered by the company have already been produced by the company, so there shouldn’t be any delays.

Although the first shipments will start next Wednesday, this doesn’t mean that all users will be lucky enough to get their hands on it right away. Some might have to wait until mid-June to get their Pebble Time, but that’s not long from now, so it’s not particularly bad news.

Despite the arrival of several Android Wear smartwatches as well as the Apple Watch, the Pebble Time has managed to garner enough interest among fans, which speaks volumes about the company and its popularity.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Phone Arena

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