Saygus delays upcoming V2 handset just one day before scheduled shipping date


Are you surprised to hear that the Saygus V2 was delayed yet again? Neither are we. The handset was expected to ship in March after pre-ordering opened in February; however, that was dropped and May 22 became the date to watch. Today, just one day before the V2 was scheduled to ship, Saygus emailed customers to inform them that the handset “will not be ready.” The V2 is apparently on the assembly line, but quality assurance and network testing has not been completed.

Will we ever get to see the self-proclaimed ‘superphone’ reach the hands of consumers worldwide? Some are doubting it and have reached out to Saygus in order to cancel their orders.

Hit the break to see the email that customers received.

Dear V-Squared Customer, 

As you know, the Saygus team has created the world’s most advanced smartphone and we are ambitious in this venture. We know our customers around the world are excited to receive the V-squared, and we wanted to provide you with an update on the progress.

The phones are on the manufacturing line, but will not be ready to ship globally on May 22 as we had planned. We just concluded a review of the status of all critical factors in preparation for shipment. We still need to finalize some quality assurance and network testing so when we put the V-Squared in your hands (which will be soon), it will be the phone of your dreams.

Saygus is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality smartphone.

Thank you very much for your continued patience. We will update you with more information as soon as available.

Best regards,
The Saygus Team

Source: Saygus (Twitter)

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  • Bret

    I think everyone needs to remember that if they pre-ordered, they also got a discounted price. It’s a start up organization, and they are still discovering things. I worked for a company that had been around 20+ years and when they introduced new products, those had delays too. I have been to Roadmap events where companies announced future products. There is ALWAYS an announcement about Safe Harbors, because not everything happens as planned. Saygus is no different. At least with this announcement, they did it in advance of May 22. Lots of companies make the announcement after the fact. Apple has pushed out dates, MicroSoft has done it, AT&T has done it. Why everyone expects Saygus to be able to predict the future is beyond me.