More Info on Playstation App for Android

Sony is letting a little more information trickle out about the upcoming Playstation app for Android phones. They had said we could expect it by Christmas, but that didn’t exactly happen, as you may have noticed. It’s expected to show up very soon, though. So what can we expect from this app? We will NOT be playing Playstation games on our phones, at least initially. The first iteration will be known as “setting up shop.” You will be able to interact with the Playstation Network, viewing all available games – for PSP, PS2, and PS3. You will also be able to view your online friends, and check out your trophies. Streaming video and music services are expected to show up quickly, as well. So far, only Sony Europe has addressed the app directly — the US site hasn’t made any official statements about the app’s availability thus far. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has stated that version 1.0 will only hit a few European countries, so the US isn’t likely to see this app until version 1.1, which is expected sometime in January.

This app is only expected to EVER be available on Android and the iPad/iPhone 4 OS, giving no love to Windows Phone 7, Symbian, or Blackberry. While this is unfortunate for them, it does show that even Sony is really starting to take note of the Android platform, everything it’s achieved, and the growth potential that it still has.

The new year is almost upon us, so a January launch of 1.1, which will probably bring this app to the US, is only a few weeks away. As soon as that happens, we’ll let you know.

[via Sony Insider]

  • geolemon

    There are things that matter with video games besides playing video games?
    Let me hope that I don’t have a portion of my real life distracted by such nonsense…
    Games are games, they are what they are. You play them for fun – when you feel the need to occupy non-time-wasting time with video game thought or time thinking about but not playing video games – you don’t need a playstation app, you need a psychiatrist app!
    Yikes, for all that is holy… metadata about video games, force-fed to you when you aren’t at your console playing.

    Don’t get me wrong, smart for Sony – let the brainwashing efforts commence! PlaystationplaystationplaystationplaystationPLAYSTATIONplaystationplaystation…. wow. This is Uber-sad.

  • RTWright

    Who said you had to download and install it?