Google Maps offers up new traffic alerts just in time for the Memorial Day weekend craze


Those of us here in the U.S. are excited for a three day weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day. However, the one downer is traffic. Since this weekend is kind of like the unofficial start of the summer, a lot of people travel to visit family and friends which results in a lot of congestion on the roads.

Finding your way is the easy part if you use Google Maps, but finding the best route with the shortest delay is no easy task. Google Maps already helps with traffic alerts, but a new update might makes things a little easier.

Google Maps will now provide you with the quickest route and an explanation of traffic conditions when you input your destination. Now if you’re on a long trip, those traffic conditions could change from good to worse. You will now get a heads up of any upcoming congestion along with how long you might be stuck in a jam. If it’s not a pretty picture, Maps will offer you alternate routes with an explanation as to why they are recommended.

Google also shared what the top six trending searches were from last year’s Memorial Day. I don’t think there are any surprises here….



As far as destinations go, Google also provided the top five searched destinations for five cities from last year’s Memorial Day weekend. Again, there is nothing too surprising as people are either hiking, fishing, or at the beach.

source: Google

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