Logitech Bringing Android & iPhone Apps for Google TV

As you may or may not know, Google announced Google TV at their recent I\O. One of the major companies involved with the project is Logitech. A few days ago, via their blog, Ashish Arora, VP & GM of their Digital Home Group wrote about their “Harmony Link” technology.

Harmony Link basically is the brains that allow all manners of signals to be received and then spit out as IR commands. This is significant because essentially anything you control via remote control uses IR and can therefore be controlled through Harmony Link. The Harmony Link will allow you to control your devices no matter what brand they are.

Pretty cool right? Well it gets even cooler.

Logitech also plans on releasing some free apps that will allow you to control your Harmony Link via your Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

What these apps do is essentially give your phone or iDevice the powers of Logitech’s Harmony 900 (Which goes for ~$305 on Amazon). So the fact that Logitech plans to release these apps for free is even more astounding, considering they’re essentially replacing a $300 product.

On a semi-related note, any bets on whether or not the app for the iDevices gets approved or not? I’m not sure that Mr. Jobs would want his precious iDevices controlling a Google-based product.

Obviously there is no worry about this fantastic app being denied to the Android Market.

[via Logitech Blog]