New Android trojan virus discovered, dubbed “Gemini”

Today, mobile security company Lookout released some information regarding a new virus found in the wild, and it’s targeting Android phones. The virus comes to us by way of China, and has been dubbed “Gemini”. The app attaches itself to legitimate applications, such as:

  • Monkey Jump 2
  • Sex Positions
  • President vs. Aliens
  • City Defrense
  • Baseball Superstars 2010

According to Lookout:

The specific information it collects includes location coordinates and unique identifiers for the device (IMEI) and SIM card (IMSI). At five-minute intervals, Geinimi attempts to connect to a remote server using one of ten embedded domain names. A subset of the domain names includes,,, and If it connects, Geinimi transmits collected device information to the remote server.

We will say this, however… this isn’t a giant threat. In order to get infected, you would have to install an sideload app from a 3rd party or Chinese Market, meaning the trojan doesn’t come to your phone by way of the official Android Market. So be careful out there, users, and always make sure your apps are coming from a legal, legit source. Lookout Mobile Security, however, has been updated to protect against the malware, so be sure to get it here if you aren’t already using it.

[via lookout

  • krez

    It is neither a trojan nor a virus. I would expect a technology-related news source to know that.

  • Howard

    @krez: just wondering what it would need to do to qualify as a trojan or virus?

    Allegedly this “trojan”:

    * is being distributed via legit software (replication like Viruses)
    * collects information including passwords (PCMag defines a trojan as enabling remote access or else collecting private information for others)
    * “it has the potential to receive commands from a remote server that allow the owner of that server to control the phone”

  • Dustin Karnes

    @krez: A trojan, according to Wikipedia, is something that:
    “appears to perform a desirable function for the user prior to run or install but instead facilitates unauthorized access of the user’s computer system. ‘It is a harmful piece of software that looks legitimate. Users are typically tricked into loading and executing it on their systems'”

    Something that attaches itself to a legit app that someone wants before being downloaded and installed sounds like it fits that definition to me. :)

  • Installed an antivirus Software in my Android

  • just make sure you download your apps from trusted source..never get one from warez or torrent sites…

  • Thnaks for info
    “During installation, the user is prompted to change this requirement, or delete data from memory cards, send SMS messages to read phone, and phone number of the person,”
    According to the Mobile Security Lookout, Trojan still alone affect “Android smartphone users in Russia and alone works on the Russian network.

  • Joe

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  • bernie

    what crap these devices running android will end up like your pc, full of programs to stop you getting viruses, just get an iphone.

  • Kevin

    @Joe @Bernie: The following article (a bit old) shows that with any smart phone comes the risk of malicious users exploiting bugs.

    So please stop this nonsense talk about buying an iPhone instead. YES an iPhone is also at risk too even though some people might think it is better than an android phone.

  • doughnut king

    Android still has fewer effective viruses than iphone, people. And common sense can prevent you getting an android virus in most cases.

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