Can’t Wait for the OTA to 5.1.1 with the LG G Watch? Get the Flashable File Here


Just today our own Brad Ward wrote about the Android 5.1.1 OTA update rolling out to the LG G Watch and G Watch R. Well it didn’t take long for Googlites to provide us with the flashable update in the event you are too impatient to wait your turn in line. And impatient you should be. Don’t they know how important you are?

Now bear in mind that installing this little bit of flashed imagery requires root, so if you aren’t rooted, you’ll need to take care of that first. Our simple tutorial will get you set up in a jiffy. Remember, however, that this can still be a complicated process and if you are completely technically inept, it’s probably best to skip it. Also, we’re not responsible for anything goofy that happens to your device if you root it and break stuff. It’s on you.

With that legalese out of the way, hit up the link at the bottom and become best friends with that .zip. You’ll be on your way to an updated smartwatch experience in no time, except the time it indicates on said smartwatch.

Source: Brian Buquoi

About the Author: Geoff Openshaw

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