Samsung’s President Shin denies rumour that Note 5 will launch in July


Well, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge handsets have been available to order for over a month now, that must mean that we are ready for the level of rumours, speculation and denials to rise beyond all belief. As it does every year in the time intervening the Galaxy S ‘flagship’ release and the next model of the Galaxy Note range.

Here we have a classic example, a couple of days ago it was rumoured that the Galaxy Note 5 would be released earlier than usual because of slow sales of the Galaxy S6 handset. Today, we have Samsung’s President, Shin Jong-kyun denying that the Galaxy Note 5 will be announced in July when speaking with reporters earlier today. He also stated that the Galaxy S6 handsets are expected to perform strongly.

The Note smartphones are usually announced in September at the IFA in Berlin, at UnPacking Event held especially for the launch. It simply doesn’t make sense for Samsung to announce the Note 5 earlier than September as it would encroach on the sales of the Galaxy S6. And let’s face it, if they were ever going to move the launch of the new Note handset up, it would have been last year when the S5 was serving up sluggish sales. Definitely not this year, with the well-received Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones have been on the end of so many plaudits. Still, as a huge fan of the Galaxy Note range of smartphones, I did notice that J.K. Shin didn’t say anything about the Note 5 launching in August…


Source: WhoWired

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