Apple’s billion dollar patent victory over Samsung gets partially overturned


Apple and Samsung’s legal back-and-forth has been going on for years, with the original case resulting in Apple winning over 1 billion dollars in damages. Over multiple appeals and retrials, the settlement has been notched down just over $900, but according to the most recent ruling, it looks like Apple will only end up winning it’s design patent claim, but not the trade dress claim. That ruling should knock the total damages down nearly $400 million for Samsung.

Apple originally argued that many of Samsung’s devices, including the Galaxy S and Nexus S, copied the iPhone design by having rounded corners and a rectangular shape. It was a miracle that Apple managed to convince anyone that they owned the rights to rectangle smartphones at the time, so maybe having that ruling overturned shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s good news for Samsung, but they’re still likely going to be on the hook for the design patent infringement.

However things eventually end up playing out, Samsung and Apple’s legal teams are the real winners here.

source: Reuters

via: Engadget

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