Facebook Messenger games coming to platform soon

Fans of games on Facebook will likely be interested in knowing that fun times could be coming to the Messenger app that Facebook makes available for users. Since the launch of Messenger, third party apps have mostly been limited to those that enhance the communication aspects of the platform, giving users things like emojis, the ability to send sound clips, gif support and similar functions. Reports indicate uptake has been slow for these apps, so Facebook is planning to start pushing for games to expand to the platform in hopes of giving developers something a little “stickier” and with higher revenue potential.

Facebook executive Ilya Sukhar has confirmed the social media giant has been in discussion with game developers about the Messenger platform. However, no timelines have been set for the introduction of games on Messenger. Outside of games, Facebook and its developer community will likely look to other types of apps to continue to try to expand the ecosystem and create new revenue generation opportunities.

source: The Information