HTC EVO 4G Dead Pixel Problems?

EVO dead pixels

Apparently more than a few people have been reporting that their cooler than cool EVO 4G’s have some dead pixels. Obviously, shelling out the $300 before rebate and taxes on your shiny new 4G phone only to find that its got some dead pixels would be pretty annoying.

Do you have a 4G? Does it have any dead pixels? Let us know in our forums.

Thanks to John G. of for the tip.

  • jay

    That would be very bad if it happened to the masses of people that got one. Both for Sprint and HTC…

  • Marco

    You think this is a new problem for Smartphones?
    My HD2 had 2 defect subpixels (was repaired by HTC), my first Samsung i5700 had _50_ and the replacement unit _27_ glowing OLED “particles”.

  • JAY

    Nope, Mine looks great!

  • T.W.

    My Evo has a dead pixel in the bottom left corner. Another issue that I’ve noticed is that my in-call speaker rattles during calls.

  • TC

    My HTC EVO has no dead pixels but im experiencing problems charging the battery. Sometimes it charges perfectly and sometimes it charges for a few minutes and then suddenly stops charging. Any reports on this?

  • yes@ T.W. my evo just stopped charging all together. i have no idea why. im taking it to sprint first thing in the morning and they will hear my mouth!!!!

  • K Sanders

    My EVO 4G has a cluster of bad pixels right in the lower middle of the screen. It appears to even continue up the middle of the screen but not as bad as the bottom (yet). I’ll take it in to the Sprint store and see what they decide to do. I’m within my 30 days of a new contract so if they don’t switch it out I’ll be canceling my service and moving to Verizon.

  • Pete S.

    I’ve had my Evo for about 6 days now. Got the bad release of the update which ended up killing my WiFi. Now this morning I had noticed that I had a dead pixel. I’m pissed…

  • K Sanders

    Took my EVO in for the bad pixels, they ordered a new one and replaced it the next day. I’m still seeing the bright bleeding come from the edges when the screen is on bright white so I’m not thrilled and am beginning to wonder about these screens! Don’t even bother taking your phone into just any Sprint store – find the repair store for your area and go there.

  • kristen

    Got my evo yesterday. Found a dead pixel yesterday. Not good. Bringing it to a Sprint repair center today. They’d better get me a new one. Also, my in call speaker rattles during calls, too.