Samsung rumored to release the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than normal to beat the iPhone 6s


Samsung continues to enjoy tremendous success with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but things will change dramatically when Apple announces the iPhone 6s in the fall. Samsung usually announces their newest edition of the Note line in early September when IFA takes place, but they might change it up this year in order to get bigger head start.

According to the latest report, they will announce the new Galaxy Note 5 by the end of July, which is just a little over a month earlier than normal. If everything goes according to plan, they will have a completed prototype by the middle of June. Supposedly they have confirmed the final specifications to global carriers with the instruction to take pre-orders before the end of July.

The carriers might know about those specs, but we can only guess. Based on the latest rumors, the Note 5 could have a 5.89-inch display, which is .20 inches bigger than the Note 4. There is also the belief that Samsung will offer a 4K (3840 x 2160) display, but I am not buying that one. You can also expect an Exynos processor similar to what is on the Galaxy S6. The Note series generally sports a much bigger battery, which is expected to be 4,100 mAh. Pack all of this in a rumored 7.9 mm body, and you have a winner. Of course, if you like to be edgy, Samsung will more than likely offer an Edge version of the phone too.

There is no question the Note 5 will will be cutting edge, but I am interested to see if they can improve upon the Galaxy S6’s camera? The other big question surrounds storage and the battery. Will Samsung drop the microSD card and battery swapping support? I guess we don’t have to wait for too long if this report is true. Let’s hope it is.

source: whowired
via: Phone Arena



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  • Toss3

    This just means that we won’t be seeing samsung’s own custom SoC in the Note 5. Wish they would release the Note and galaxy s phones on the same day.

  • Iz3man

    I’m enjoying my Note 4, the consumer in me is waiting for the 5, but the maturity in my is saying to skip it and wait… I think maturity will win this time.. Let’s see what the note 6 brings :D

    • Toss3

      I just want the Note 5 because of the 4K screen for the first official Gear VR.

  • Michael Dennique

    Interesting but we shall have to wait and see what Samsung releases.

  • fredphoesh

    I hope to god they are not so stupid as to keep on with the idiotic screen resolution race. Such a waste of battery/fluidity. I would rather have the note 5 on 1080 than 2k… unnecessary IMO, and 4k is a joke.

  • Michael_in_ATL

    I’ve had Notes 2,3, and now 4. Love them, but if Samsung removes SD card or removable battery, I’ll go elsewhere if at all possible. Personal preference – I realize others feel differently.

  • Doug

    They go with a sealed phone and no SD slot… I will go elsewhere. Lg get ready… They keep in the same as it is now with the 3 and 4 and I will pick up a new Note. My N3 doesn’t have Sprints Spark so that would be my biggest reason to upgrade.

  • JodyBreeze

    If I lost the SD slot and removable battery, then I’m going to (TRY TO) stick with my Note 4. If I just lose control, then I will definitely get another phone.