A new VR game lets you be a bullet

DRIFT VR image 13

With multiple Virtual Reality (VR) units getting ready to hit the markets in the next year or so, we’re going to start seeing games and applications that will take advantage of this newer medium. Today we’re seeing a VR shooter game that gives the user a different perspective on the genre.

Instead of taking on the perspective of a shooter, Drift allows the user to take on the perspective of the fired bullet itself. The premise of the game is simple. Once the bullet is fired, your viewpoint shapes the trajectory the bullet takes. Time is slowed down and just by looking left or right, you can later the path the bullet takes. Your goal is to take out the guy in green and should you fail, red trails of your failed attempts show up your next go-round.

As you play the game, you are able to gain bonuses, unlocking achievements and improve the slow motion aspect, giving you more control. If you have a Gear VR you can give it a whirl now, and a better quality version of the game for the Oculus VR PC version is in the works. The group behind Drift also plans on new environments that will “make a more complete and challenging experience.” If you’re still not sold on the idea, we have a video for you below.

source: Challenge Post
via: Engadget

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