Gmail for Android to get a couple new improvements


Google is going to be improving Gmail for Android over the next few days with a couple new features, based on user feedback.

Google will be adding a new feature where Gmail users can tap on people’s avatars to pull up useful data, such as recent conversations, contact info, and etc. Not only is this handy because it removes a lot of steps to access that information, but it also makes it easier to sort through a lot of contacts.

The other feature mentioned on Gmail’s Google Plus page is better support for non-Gmail addresses. Google says its much more reliable and an overall “smoother experience” now.

Gmail for Android users should begin seeing this update over the next few days. If you got it, be sure to let us know in the comments!

source: Google Plus

  • Jim Larson

    Let us change the color of that godawful red bar, for crissakes!