YotaPhone 2 receives some major changes, now available in white


The YotaPhone 2, touting an OLED display on the front and an E-ink solution on the back, today has received some major changes.

As earlier reports suggested, the first of those changes is a major price cut. The YotaPhone 2 can now be purchased for £440 in the UK and €599 in the rest of Europe, which is quite a price cut when you consider it was 100 more last year. These prices put the 32GB model at about $680 in US dollars.

While the device isn’t available in North America yet, Yota plans on bringing the device to the U.S. in July with the help of an earlier announced Indiegogo campaign. Additionally, it was unveiled earlier this year that the device will be available on one of the four major carriers in the United States.

Besides a price cut and a possible North American launch, the YotaPhone 2 is receiving some major software changes, which the company says is largely because of Android Lollipop. The software update has improved the phone’s performance, responsiveness, and even the camera.

Yota today has also released a white model of the YotaPhone 2. For the most part, it’s identical to their black option, the only real change users will notice is that the colors are inverted on the E-ink panel.

Overall, this unique dual-panneled smartphone is a genius design, and we’re looking forward to a US release. Are you? Let us know in the comments.

source: Yota
via: The Verge

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