Humble Mobile Bundle 12 grows to eight games


The latest Humble Mobile Bundle, which benefits some great causes, has eight games up for grabs. A donation of any amount will reward donors with three titles and donations exceeding the average amount raises that number by five.

Any donation:

  • The Last Express
  • Spaceteam (premium)
  • Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

Average donation or more:

  • Monument Valley
  • Blek
  • Joe Danger
  • Groundskeeper2
  • Highrise Word Heroes (premium)

These games, when purchased individually through Google Play, cost more than $20 altogether. So there is plenty of money to be saved while also benefiting charities and developers. The charities participating in Humble Mobile Bundle 12 are Worldreader and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Worldreader aims to put digital books in the hands of children and their families while the Electronic Frontier Foundation fights for digital rights. Donors can choose how much money is split between the charities and developers as well as leave a tip for the people that run the Humble Bundle campaigns.

Source: Humble Bundle

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