Sega will be removing several games from mobile app stores over the coming weeks


In a blog post today, Sega has announced that they will be pulling several of their older titles from mobile app stores over the next few weeks. According to the company, some older games don’t quite meet their standards of quality anymore, and so they’ll be removed from Google’s Play Store, Amazon’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Apps, plus the iOS App Store.

This is a pretty odd move, especially for a company that was probably still pulling in some cash from its older games, but I guess it’s better for consumers so they don’t buying up games from Sega’s back catalog only to find out that they aren’t working properly on their 2015 device.

Unfortunately, Sega didn’t list any of the games that it was planning on pulling. You’d think that’d be helpful information, but nope. If you’ve downloaded the game previously, you’ll still have access to it, but new customers won’t be able to see the games once they’re pulled. Maybe it’s just a marketing ploy to get everyone to go drop some change on old Sega games. Who knows.

source: Sega