Man who put Windows 95 on Android Wear ups ante by doing the same with 1987’s Apple Macintosh II


Who needs an Apple Watch when you can rock Apple’s Macintosh II OS from 1987? While it may seem like an impossibility, the man behind putting Windows 95 on Android Wear is at it again, this time, with the Apple OS. That’s right Corbin Davenport, put the 1987 OS on a Samsung Gear Live and while it may be quite tiny on the small screen, it’s fully functional.

In the under 2-minute video Davenport runs through the OS on the Wear device and shows just how functional it actually is. The buttons in the OS are still quite difficult to navigate but regardless, it’s fun to see just what we can do with these tiny computers. We have the video for you below. Enjoy!

source: Popular Mechanic