New Android app snoops live calls, turns on mic to listen to surroundings, all without user knowledge

Remember all the controversy surrounding the Android app that intercepted text messages? Well, it looks like company “Flexispy Ltd” is looking to take it a step further. Their new app, Flexispy, is one devious little bugger. It allows a some to install it on an Android phone, and – depending on the tier you pay for – do various and sundry nasty deeds. For example, on the highest tier, features include:

  • Call Intercept – Listen to live calls
  • Spy Call – Remote Bugging Device
  • Read SMS, Emails & GPS Locations
  • Email Relay – Forward all events to your inbox
  • Call records – linked to address book
  • SIM change notification – find out new number
  • Full remote control – via SMS commands
  • Web based full text keyword searches
  • Download reports in CSV, PDF & RTF formats
  • Full remote control
  • Remote uninstall

That’s right, folks. Not only can this app record and send off live phone calls to a website where the snooper can listen, but it also allows them to use the phone as a “bugging device”, meaning they can turn on the microphone at any time, and listen to the phone’s surroundings. According to Marc Harris, Marketing Director for Flexispy Ltd.:

Over the years we’ve come to understand our customers are ordinary people, who have the misfortune of being forced into extraordinary and trying circumstances. In most cases what’s at stake for them is the future of their relationship with their significant other. Sadly it seems this respect for clients’ needs isn’t always shared by others in our industry. Android’s rocketing popularity seems to have tempted developers and small scale spy application vendors to release products that suffer from major liabilities. We tested quite a few of these products and found that in most cases they leave customers at risk of detection and incurring considerable unforeseen data charges. We have an immense respect for the dual responsibility we have to confirm our applications meet the demands of real life infidelity situations and protect our customers from any liability. Ensuring we had a product worthy of the FlexiSPY brand was well worth waiting for this release.

The app comes in three tiers, costing $149, $249 and $349 per year.

If you’re devious enough to want to try out this app, you can check it out at their website, Be sure to check out the full press release below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

(1888PressRelease) December 27, 2010 – FlexiSPY Ltd announced today that its released for download and purchase the long awaited Android compatible version of its popular “Flexispy” line of spy applications.

Flexispy PRO-X for Android is the world’s first spy application for Android phones capable of true live call interception and remote eavesdropping. Completely undetectable, its targeted at catching cheating spouses, protecting children, and enforcing corporate policies. The application can be downloaded directly from the company’s website at –

Unlike existing applications, FlexiSPY enables users to fully monitor live calls in real time without incurring large data upload costs or excessive battery drain.

Addressing the release Marc Harris, the company’s Marketing Director, stated: “Over the years we’ve come to understand our customers are ordinary people, who have the misfortune of being forced into extraordinary and trying circumstances. In most cases what’s at stake for them is the future of their relationship with their significant other. Sadly it seems this respect for clients’ needs isn’t always shared by others in our industry. Android’s rocketing popularity seems to have tempted developers and small scale spy application vendors to release products that suffer from major liabilities. We tested quite a few of these products and found that in most cases they leave customers at risk of detection and incurring considerable unforeseen data charges. We have an immense respect for the dual responsibility we have to confirm our applications meet the demands of real life infidelity situations and protect our customers from any liability. Ensuring we had a product worthy of the FlexiSPY brand was well worth waiting for this release.”

Flexispy Features
Flexispy’s application, in addition to the capability to intercept calls and enable remote eavesdropping on the handset’s surroundings, also enables the monitoring party to secretly capture SMS, emails, call records, instant messages and GPS locations logged on the phone.

The application is designed to be tamper proof and undetectable. It records information from the phone regardless of whether this information still exists on the phone or has been deleted from it.

How it Works
Whenever activity is identified on the device Flexispy records the event and uploads the data via WiFi or GPRS to a secure web account for discrete viewing and analysis by the monitoring party. The application is so discrete that once it’s installed it never requires the monitoring party to access the device for tuning or settings. All features and settings are controlled remotely.

FlexiSPY is invaluable as a legitimate tool used by thousands of concerned spouses, parents, law enforcement agencies and corporations around the globe, and is available for download at

  • Sandy Hutton

    This app is just wrong. Any way you look at it. Isn’t anything secure anymore? This needs a app to block it.

  • Sandy Hutton

    This app is just wrong. Any way you look at it. Isn’t anything secure anymore? This needs a app to block it.

    • Wowser Twiddles

      Is there an app that tells you who is spying on you ? I think that is a better one.

      • Loli Toyodie

        Why then you’ll be more sneaky. If you were honest you wouldn’t need to know who’s spying on you.

    • Loli Toyodie

      Well be honest and their wouldn’t be no issue and problem because this app wouldn’t be on your phone. If your honest and be honest you have nothing to worry about.

    • Tammy Charleston

      No, it appears nothing is really secure anymore including your bank account.

  • JPB

    “….FlexiSPY Pro-X requires that your target Android phone be rooted with the Androot application. We also currently only support HTC Hero, HTC Magic, and Nexus One.”

    So, not only do you need access to your cheating spouse’s phone, you have to ROOT it! Gee, honey! Thanks for voiding my warranty! Oh yeah, and it only works with these three phones. So if your spouse has a Verizon Droid, forget it.

    Good luck with that.

    • Tammy Charleston

      4 years agp…these dAYS, it is getting easier and easier to accomplish this.

    • Loli Toyodie

      No. But really?! Not all apps require rooting. You better be loyal and faithful cuz you don’t know who’s listening to your cheating. So don’t worry about it…if your honest.

    • Tammy Charleston

      Not with the app my current bf used “mspy” and not with “Webwatcher” for Pc which is for a Pc & how I caught my ex.. pc’s don’t get rooted.

  • RTWright

    I find this rather alarming myself. I do not feel that they should be able to design a software that can listen into calls on my device without my consent. If I were to find someone had done something like this, I would sue them for invasion of privacy and that stem all the way up to the makers of the app. You are giving the average user the ability to do something that they should not be able to do period.

    There are only certain types of organizations that should even possess such abilities and they are NOT the average cell phone user. If you need to monitor your children, learn to be a better parent. If you have spouse problems, deal with them directly by confronting your SO and move on in life. Giving such abilities to people in general is just opening up a very soon to explode issue on cell phones in general.

    I can see this one causing a lot of issues and getting higher in government organizations in a bit of an uproar because they will feel that they can be spied upon as well and we all know where that will lead. The biggest mess to come along in a long time concerning all phones capable of running such an app.

    Sorry but this one really has struck a bit of a privacy nerve with me. Not that I personally have a thing to hide, but it’s clearly no one’s business who I talk or communicate with unless I want them to know. This one really is disturbing to see available.

    • Blue Rose

      I Agree a Billion% with you, suppose a 3r partied person is discussing something of a personal nature with the person the SNOOPER IS TRACKING, what is to say he or she might try to use this information, for personal gain later???? it could be Health Related, Emotional Concern or what ever it may be, this Innocent person life is been heard by someone that is not any of his or her BUSINESS AND THAT(as RT Wright just said) IS AN INVASION OF PRIVACY.

      • Loli Toyodie

        I agree. Their is another side to that subject why wouldn’t you share that health issue with them?

    • Jeff

      Deal with it the government has been doing it everyday for decades.

    • Timothy Healy

      I agree and disagree… Government sux big time, but they’ve been doing this for years. Hell they can even remotely turn on your camera on your computer and cell phones now. But I think this a great app, anything that helps me protect my kids and be a better parent, im in. People are always saying ” we didn’t need things like this and we grew up just fine” Problem is we didn’t grow up today. People are not as trusting or trustworthy today as they were when we were growing up. My son 19, was on his back from college and had a blow out on the side of the rd out in the country. Nobody stopped to help him. He had a flat for a spare and no way to change it. He had no idea where he was and if it wasn’t for familymap I wouldn’t have been able to find him. Two hours later we changed his tire. Still no one stopped. I don’t need to learn to be better parent, im a great parent. but if I can drop in on a phone call my 14 and 16 yr old daughters are making to their friends, I will. Just like my mom did me when I was growing up. which was the right decision then and now… if I can track them when and where their going so I can keep them safe I will… it helps me be a better parent… and if you think you are one of those parents who can trust your kids… your fooling yourself and you need to learn to be a better parent.
      Just “MY” opinion…

    • Loli Toyodie

      Well there wouldn’t be any issue if…a loved one…wouldn’t have an issue of your honesty.

  • Chuck Angel

    No only is this a sleezy app that should be banned, but I also consider your coverage of it and pointing readers to the website to be sleezy as well.

    • Tammy Charleston

      You wanna know what I think is even more sleazy? Cheating.

      • Loli Toyodie


    • Loli Toyodie

      Lol! Hello cheater! Lol

    • Tammy Charleston

      An app that tells you the truth about who youre with ir about your child? Sleazy? How so?

      What’s sleazy is apps like:
      Dating sites, cheating sites, hookup sites and porn sites used while having a girlfriend – that’s sleazy. Those sites and apps are what should be banned!

      Tip: Its a good idea to know what words mean & how to spell them properly before you go using them.

  • MitchRapp

    Excuse my ignorance… but isn’t this illegal? I mean you have to:

    1) Hijack someone’s phone
    2) Void its warranty with a weak androot app
    3) Install something on that person’s phone without their knowledge or consent

    This all sounds against the law…

    • Blue Rose


    • Loli Toyodie

      It is illegal to purchase not illegal to sale…just saying…

  • Lena

    This doesn’t appear to be an android market app, and requires a rooted phone to work. Seems pretty elaborate for someone to accomplish all this on another person’s phone without their knowledge. Passcodes FTW, obviously.

    The site also claim to have apps for blackberry, windows mobile and iphone (jailbroken).

    This article seems to be mostly a straight reprint of a press release and other marketing material from a company that provides a questionable product…It would be more interesting if the author had attempted an install and reported on that.

  • krez

    What’s it cost for the app that uninstalls it?

  • Hi,

    I’m Marc Harris – Director of Marketing at Flexispy and the source of the PR published here.
    I’ve read the post and the comments and I’d like to start by saying THANKS to Dustin for publishing our PR as well as to the people who took the time to write comments.

    In reference to the comments I’ll start by saying that over the years we’ve been in this business we’ve nearly always had people responding to news about us in the same indignant tone, and that’s quite understandable. After all we are a spy app designed to give people access to information that would normally be inaccessible to them. In a Utopian world an app like ours would be redundant, however as I’m sure we all know, the world is unfortunately far from being an ideal place…

    Indignant commentators here and elsewhere don’t factor in to their thinking that at $359/year our pricing alone is enough to deter people from frivolous usage of our apps. The simple truth is that the people who actually buy Flexispy apps are most commonly the unfortunate VICTIMS of infidelity. From their perspective we are, if not the only way to get the answers they desperately need, then surely the fastest, safest, and cheapest one.

    Another class of customer are PARENTS to delinquent and at-risk teens for whom our app is often the only opportunity to get a glimpse into the reality of their child’s life. I guess when you’re child is selling their body to sponsor their crack cocaine habit you develop a different perspective on their right to privacy…

    I’d be glad to hear further comments – please direct them to media[at]felxispy[dot]com

    Happy New Year,
    Marc Harris

    • guest

      I do appreciate the comment above – as it is true that most of us that use this app are looking for the answers to why our significant other is/has changed their behaviour and their actions. See this has helped me tremendously when my ex turned into a voilent person and started talking and acting differently I knew something was going on behind my back. With this program I was able to safely get myself out of a terrible relationship and was fortunate enough to get out of the state – see he was making everyone we both know aware of what he planned to do so when I installed this to his phone – I say this SAVED my life. I can not thank FLEXISPY enough for this. As for parents – this is the best thing ever – do you really trust your own children to say and do the things they are supposed to – please you are naive – no one is perfect yet everyone wants everyone to be or at least try.

      • its me

        Hmmmm… i wonder?

        • Tammy Charleston

          You should wonder. Get the facts.

      • Tammy Charleston

        So true. As it saved me many more years of wasted time with someone who was not genuine.


      This app is ILLEGAL!

      • Guest

        The app itself is not illegal #1 and

        #2 It is possible MISUSE of the app MAY be illegal, but so is underage drinking, J walking, speeding and a whole lot of other things we see people do everyday.
        #3 Any If ANYTHING SHOULD be illegal, CHEATING would top my list.
        and last…
        #4 Everything the app claims to do, is the same thing our Government has been doing to its citizens for years! {without their knowledge OR consent} your private communications,web searches, etc. are not as private as you think!

        People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. And I don’t know of 1 person who isn’t guilty of betrayal or wrongdoing that would NOT oppose to having this product available.

      • Tammy Charleston

        The app itself is not illegal #1 and

        #2 It is possible MISUSE of
        the app MAY be illegal, but so is underage drinking, J walking,
        speeding and a whole lot of other things we see people do everyday.
        #3 Any If ANYTHING SHOULD be illegal, CHEATING would top my list.
        and last…
        Everything the app claims to do, is the same thing our Government has
        been doing to its citizens for years! {without their knowledge OR
        consent} your private communications,web searches, etc. are not as
        private as you think!

        People who have nothing to hide, hide
        nothing. And I don’t know of 1 person who isn’t guilty of betrayal or
        wrongdoing that would NOT oppose to having this product available.

        • jeff

          Whoa. I wouldn’t want anyone monitoring me— though I am not unfaithful. Because I do operate from a place of integrity I would be shocked at anyone who would suspect otherwise— and think they are entitled to put me under surveillance. Big time loss of trust. Hard to explain the obvious!

          • Tammy Charleston

            There was a time when I shared your view. There was a time when I fully trusted even AFTER I’d been betrayed by others. The piece of mind that comes with fully trusting your partner is priceless. Knowing you have that is what it’s all about. I know because I’ve LIVED IT – and I knew I was LUCKY!!

            12 years go by…and then? One day you get an odd feeling, you think youre just being silly…you feel guilty for thinking such things…for questioning his integrity. But the nagging feeling is still there. So you check. You want to KNOW so you can put your silliness to rest! And guess what ? 12 years later…in that one day I found out…..HE WAS CHEATING THE WHOLE 12 YEARS!!!! PROSTITUTES, dozens and dozens and dozens every single day – Thousands of dollars, a sex addict. HOW? Together almost 24/7 ALMOST!!

            Double life. I left him.
            My ENTIRE LIFE ruined. I’m broken and cannot be repaired. I’M THE ONE SUFFERING to get beck to 1 piece not him. He is the one who llied yet I am the one who has paid the price.

            “Fuck your integrity” No offense but that my friend is just a word to me. Anyone can speak. Sorry. Maybe someday you will see it differently. Hope not.

            I’m sorry, I will never be able to FULLY 100% TRUST what I’m told. I will check time and time again, I will spy. I have to. I HAVE TO KNOW. It is my right to know the truth.

            • Loli Toyodie

              Wow. Seriously. I’m sad that wat you found out was not in your best interest. I know how you feel. Good for you to look instead of just sitting back and being the fool. Dnt know if we can ever recover but I know I will do the same whenever I get that gut instinct!

            • Tammy Charleston

              Thanks Loli,
              People who have not been in the shoes cannot possibly understand.

          • Loli Toyodie

            Then there you go…you have nothing to worry about it just like me!

      • Loli Toyodie

        Only to install without their knowledge…not to purchase…

    • Blue Rose

      If a child (as you call it) is using COCAINE & the parents don’t have a CLUE, more than likely, the parents are druggies themselves or to BUSY to care or pay ATTENTION to their children. Excuse me BUT no PERSPECTIVE HERE, my Question to you is, WHAT ABOUT THE 3RD OR 4TH OR 5TH PARTIES, RIGHT TO PRIVACY????? They are on Candy Camera WITH OUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT, Where does their PRIVACY FALLS HERE?????.

      • Tammy Charleston

        RE: “If a child (as you call it) is using COCAINE & the parents don’t
        have a CLUE, more than likely, the parents are druggies themselves or to
        BUSY to care or pay ATTENTION to….”

        That’s a very “judgemental” and naive statement on your part, it is obvious you are taking a guess as to what it would be like “IF” you were in those shoes, rather than actually”BEING” in those shoes.

        It’s not always THAT EASY to know if your child or a loved one is using cocaine or other drugs…there is no way of knowing 100% unless you regularly drug test that person and are with them 24/7…regularly testing…meaning no less than every 3 days and I don’t know ANYONE who does that.


        No idea what the hell you are talking about…perhaps you can enlighten me on this?

      • Loli Toyodie

        You talk about privacy. Ok yes but if your with a man that everyday he is attentive and tells you he loves only you and yet you get this app you realize that is all a lie better now then when you marry him and a pregnant stranger is in front of your door saying your husband is their baby daddy. If your honest before the caos…yes this app isn’t for you if you don’t have much money yes this isn’t for you. Their is other cheaper apps that can do the same thing…but don’t say privacy when your dishonest and never speak the truth. I dont know you im speaking in general. I understand your opinion but sometimes you wonder if your going crazy because your man that you love tells you its all in your head but the truth is its them playing you. Better to know as quick as can before…just saying…good for you to come with something that tells the truth…even if I can afford this app I believe keep up the good work. Thanks.

        • Tammy Charleston

          So true. You are absolutely right.

      • Tammy Charleston

        Who said anything about cameras? That would be “Candid” not ” Candy” btw….and as far as “THE 3RD OR 4TH OR 5TH PARTIES, RIGHT TO PRIVACY????? ” Anytime you send a text or email there’s always a chance someone else can get access to it: security breaches, hackers, non passworded phones,computers screens left open to an email, etc.

    • David Reed

      Sir can u please read my comment and give your perspective on our situation. I would really like to talk with u. This is at our highest priority and even though we Dont have much money I will pay whatever it takes to get this right.

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    • IHateSPAM

      What?! Who are you and why are you on this thread? It’s obvious from your post that you aren’t reading anything here. I cane here for I came here to be informed; but get slapped with your automatic post. You didn’t even say anything.

      The monitor of this thread needs to remove this post. I won’t be offended if you remove mine too, since they’re both way off topic.

      That said, the reason I’m here is because of the blackphone. Anybody heard of it?

    • Tammy Charleston

      Thank you Paul

  • me

    I like this app might help you with a cheating boyfriend/ husband.

    • ThisIGottaC

      Did me

  • ThisIGottaC

    Found my husband on dating websites, calling & texting women, setting up dates when he said he was at work (Semi Driver), so this app is AWESOME! Glad I found out! I don’t want an STD from some lot-lizard! Anyone dogging this app is doing something wrong (trying to hide), or would THANK YOU if they caught someone they trusted with this app! THANK YOU for saving me from possible AIDS, or some STD from these NASTY women my husband is messing with!
    M from Indiana

    • Loli Toyodie

      I agree! Glad you found out the truth b4 the horror.

  • Roberto

    I’ve tried Flexispy and app did not work as promised on their official website. Then I bought Mspy. My experience of using Mspy was far better.

    • Tammy Charleston

      Sure it was. LOL

  • Stalked

    I think I am being stalked by an ex-boyfriend…. How can I tell if this has been installed on my phone?

    • Loli Toyodie

      How is he? Doesn’t he need to have a hold of your phone? Hmmm.

  • Amber rose

    This happen to me, my boyfriend put this on my phone without my knowledge….which is illegal, but I’m not going to worry about that..his payback was what he heard instead…..this app recorded my phone calls, my text were sent to him,he was able to turn on the mic and record my surroundings, and knew the #’s I was calling. Thank God he didn’t hear anything incriminating because he would of had a fit…..I can not wait till the day some one hurts or kills someone over this, we as humans have the right to to our own privacy….

    • Tammy Charleston

      We as humans have the right to know who we are dealing with before we
      allow them into our lives/homes/bedrooms. Unfortunately there are
      selfish people out there like you who are only concerned with themselves
      and what THEY want, such as you wanting your “privacy”. Forget about
      your boyfriend wanting to know who you really are! We know, it’s ALL
      ABOUT YOU! Screw him, right?
      We as humans have the right to protect ourselves from harm. This would include people like you!

      Here we have a perfect example of why we need this technology!
      To protect ourselves from the selfish, lying people out there like you.
      protect people like your boyfriend who would’ve “had a fit” if he knew
      who who you really were! Sorry honey but…people with nothing to hide,
      hide nothing.

      No one cares about your privacy, we care about the TRUTH.

      • Jigsaw

        everyone has some secrets and personal things which one wouldnt like to share with others certainly not snoopers! would you like to share your live calls/msgs/FB posts with me as a stranger? certainly not, but you will not have this option once someone installs this on ur phone without ur knowledge

        just sayng we as humans have a tendency to abuse things which could have been put to greater use! there will always be pro n cons of the stuff

        • Tammy Charleston

          Honestly, I wouldn’t really care. Unless I was secretly a drug addict or prostitute or bank robber. THAT would certainly cause me to want “my privacy” if I were doing any of those things…I’d be against this type of app.

        • Loli Toyodie

          I agree pros and cons but your secrets are little TO you but very important to your loved ones so think about that when you make little of your behavior…

        • hannah johnson

          I could have sworn the app is for husband and wife and in order to get married you must know the person well so all that stranger stuff is out of the question if i figure my husband is cheating im gonna do everything in my power to find out so he doesnt bring me back something that can kill me like aids

        • Tammy Charleston

          Honestly, it wouldn’t bother me to.

      • Loli Toyodie


    • Loli Toyodie

      Ok yes I understand. For those who use this for harm…yes I agree they shouldn’t be using this app but we never know. So we have to reset our phones to factory reset when we realize a man we are done with knows where you are constantly. Trust we are never safe even walking across the street, driving a car…etc. Yet we know what we can do in this case…if your still talking and other thing with this crazy person then I’m sorry you get wat you get because he should not be alone with your phone…period!

      • hannah johnson

        Why would stay with someone like that anyway why not let go If i knew i wasnt doing anything then i wouldn’t care if he put it on my phone only the guilty feel uncomfortable and make excuses for their uncomfortability lol.

    • hannah johnson

      If i knew i wasnt doing anything then i wouldn’t care if he put it on my phone only the guilty feel uncomfortable and make excuses for their uncomfortability lol.

    • Tammy Charleston

      I’ve failed to mention this was recently done to me by my new, current boyfriend. The tables were turned and he decided 3 months into our relationship he would install one of these apps!

      I found out he was doing this 3 weeks later. I was not mad or upset – a little freaked out since I’d never given him a reason to think this of me and have never betrayed him in any way.

      I was not upset at him but I felt bad that he felt the need to do it in the first place. He found nothing of course, we talked about openness and communication and any suspicions that he had – came to a mutual understanding of each other. From a spy app.

      I will honestly say, if I’d been lying or betraying him in any way, my reaction would have been all negative, finger pointing, privacy speeches, etc. I was innocent and thought it was rather helpful he found nothing.

  • Tbird

    I am 99% my wife is cheating on me but since I am usually at home with our daughter and unable to afford regular childcare catching her is virtually impossible. I have tried to get her to be honest with me about everything but she keeps putting me off and lying. she shares her text messages with me to help allay my fears, but when i check our usage report for her phone it shows over 100 texts with the person in question and I only see about 30 text messages between them when she shares with me. There is a place for this software. we have a daughter and I have been told she has had him over to our house when I am not home and our child is in the home. Right now I am trying to get the money together to get spy software on her phone. If some one else has a better idea i would like to hear it.

    • cygnus1812

      Yeah I got advice stop driving yourself insane over some whore if it’s been happening that much it’s most likely true focus your energy on your kid and take her someplace nice instead of wasting it on some piece of crap , turd of a bitch Just remember …there all pigs but Mom and there all fucked and overated.Breaking free from the Devils Cavern e.g ( Pussy) will be as enlightening as eating 10 lbs of peyote in Mother Fucking Willy Wonka Land
      my freind.

      • wvGirl♥

        Not all women are whores their are plenty of men whores doing the sa e thi g to an honest woman who on is waiting at home too, less be growups here both sexes are to blame if you are gonna be a cheater LEAVE, It women like this who ruin hood men and vise a versa, the only thing I agree with in anything u said is dont go insane over herkeep yourself busy but a cheater doesnt change and infidelity gives you the right to get custody of your daughter then she can go to work and she won’t have so much time on her hands to cheat on you cuz she’ll need to make a living to pay child support don’t lower yourself to her standards because there are good girls out there and obviously you didn’t take the right one or it could be something that y’all could sit down discuss and ask her why she doing it to you is she not happy what’s the problem want to go to counseling but the main thing is is there is a child involved that child deserves the best to remember that remember that not all women are whores and cheaters there are faithful good women out there not very many is getting low because the girls seem to pick the bad guys and that turns them into bad girls and it’s a vicious cycle anyway I wish you and your daughter the best

        • Loli Toyodie

          But…Wat if they keep saying it’s nothing baby its all in your head I love you why you doing this to us but all along they are lying…what then?

      • Loli Toyodie

        No children and no man right now an ex boyfriend that I loved dearly for 3 yrs was attentive worked for his previous kids I helped wen I could and evn wen I cldnt. I thought he was a faithful man but a knock at his door while I was spending the day with him changed everything…I don’t have this app but I wish I had it so long ago!

    • Loli Toyodie

      I don’t blame you for trying to understand. There is other cheaper apps honestly. I believe if you need to know I’d get it but keep it 2gether wen and if you talk to her with your evidence cuz it is illegal for you to put it on her phone without her knowledge. You have children…if you put this or a cheaper app on her phone don’t ever tell her cuz you will suffer cuz you have children to worry about. Good luck. Sorry to hear what you going through.

    • freddy

      put a spycam in the house and leave a cheap voice recorder in her car that could record for hundredsof hours an 8 g. even an ipod hide it some where she wont see in her car. little teddy bear camera. there a million ways to catch her. i think you should leave her and not waste your time and money because liers cheat, steal, they could give you std’s. end of the day if your not sure use the recorder.

    • hannah johnson

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