Plex Music update hopes to be your “go to” music player


Plex has released an update to their Plex Music platform that they say has been in development for the past six months as part of an effort to become the “go to” music player users will choose. The effort was apparently driven by a desire to get away from iTunes for music listening purposes while acknowledging that Plex Music was not up to the task as a replacement option. That is, until now.

According to Plex, the new update includes a ton of improvements that will make managing and listening to music a lot easier. The development team started with the basics of scanning a user’s library for music. One change that was made was to start scanning newer items first and to download posters and other information while the scan is underway. Plex mentions that these scanning features will also be available for movie titles.

Once music has been scanned, Plex has added powerful tools to manage a library. This includes the ability to manually edit information, the ability to delete whole albums or artists, moving tracks between albums and vice versa, and merging albums. Users will also find they can multi-select tracks so that batch updates to information like genre can be made in one fell swoop.

Users will also find they can add a variety of related assets to their library and associate them with artists, albums or songs. This includes things like music videos, lyrics, interviews and other information. For Plex Pass members, they have integrated with Vevo.

Plex worked on their interface for Plex Music as well, trying to make it more immersive and inviting for users. Part of the improvements include new discovery algorithms to help users rediscover music that may have been buried in their library.

For Plex Pass users, they will find support from Gracenote to help organize a library by applying tags automatically. Plex also licensed a bunch of metadata from Gracenote so users get access to artist bio information, album reviews and high resolution artwork. Like some other services, Plex Pass users will be able to access some smart playlist options based on moods, like “Exuberant” to quickly build a playlist on the fly. Similarly, if a user is listening to a song, with a quick button press they can generate a custom radio station mix.

Below is a short video the Plex team put together to introduce users to the new Plex Music.

source: Plex

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  • Randy Hoopes

    So far not impressed, about 10% of all my album art is loading

  • Hosko

    “This includes things like music videos, lyrics, interviews and other information.” Lyrics arent mentioned in the clip above, and by the way they dont exist in the actual version either…