Verizon’s HTC One (M8) bug crashing apps left and right


A few days ago, my HTC One (M8) purchased through Verizon started experiencing difficulties opening an app or two. Select apps crash immediately after launching and other force close when hitting the back button. I had initially thought it was an issue for those apps and didn’t think much of it. Then, as we progressed into this weekend, it became more prevalent.

Another member of the Talk Android team with Verizon’s One (M8) as well as multiple cases spotted on the web prove that I am not alone. Here are some links:

The device’s own HTC Service Pack app was updated earlier in the week and had no effect; however, the issue started late on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. The app that was updated around then, and is believed to be the culprit of this bug, is apparently Google’s Android System WebView. This is the app that allows other apps to display web content.

Device owners, including myself, have performed factory resets and the usual ‘start over’ processes. That has returned nothing and the issue remains. We have no idea what the exact issue here is, but some are saying that uninstalling the Android System WebView app provides a fix. Understand that uninstalling the Android System WebView app may have security implications and put your device at risk for other bugs.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • You dont have to uninstall the app all together, you just need to uninstall the most recent update for Android System Webview, that’s what is causing the issue.

    • Justin_Herrick

      It will be out of date and thus remaining a risk. At least it’s seemingly a temporary fix.

    • RudyRight

      When I went to do that, it asked if I wanted to go back to factory version – so I said yes and now my Tweetcaster works again!

      So I feel badly that I thought it was Tweetcaster when it really was this app.

      My question, if anyone knows: Was I supposed to only go back to a different version, rather than original? It didn’t offer any options for a particular version, just back to stock.

      I’ve read a couple of sites but I’m still not sure what the “risk” is of having uninstalled the update.

  • Benjamin Olaiya

    S6 Way butter

  • Lawrence Millinchamp

    As an avid #HTCONEM8 owner on Verizon I too experienced this problem. My work fix was to leave the app alone and my device worked flawlessly. If you update it then the problem would persist. My suggestion would be to wait it out and monitor your usage as you go.

  • Michael Marano

    Uninstall Android System WebView. See if that works.

    Just spent all day troubleshooting the same thing. Factory reset the unit, avoided auto-restore. Installed broken apps on raw phone; all worked without issue. Installed suspected apps one by one. The apps crashed when I installed the latest Android System WebView update. When I pulled it, they worked again.

    App updated 4/24. Lots of comments on the Play Store.

    Factory resetting my phone again to make sure. But for now Google Web View seems to be the problem.

  • Kathleen Hurley

    THANK YOU! Rolling that update back fixed the crazy-making problem.

  • Ryan Hendrickson

    Same issue, same attempts to fix. webview is def culprit. uninstalled for now

  • Taylor Toal

    My M8 became hot and burnt my thumb! It swelled up so badly my fingernail fell off

    • Welcome to Life

      If it was that hot, which it wasnt, even a three yr old would remove their finger from the phone, but yoi didnt. You should consider an IPhone

  • evltwn

    I was just about to do a FDR this weekend. Glad I didn’t.

  • sjr42688 .

    This helped a lot. thank you.

  • Alfred

    Uninstalled the update, everything works now.

  • Jon Sanders

    Thank you so much, I started to get frustrated thinking I had caught a virus

  • Clint Porter

    This is happening to me too! I thought it was the custom rom on my VZW M8, and even rolled back to an old nandroid backup to try to fix it. Glad to find this post. Uninstalling updates fixed it. Please keep us posted if Google fixes this.

    This reveals the dark side to Google’s recent strategy of breaking out OS functionality into updateable play store apps. It may help reduce Android fragmentation, but without sufficient quality control it risks destabilizing everybody’s devices.

  • Sarah

    I have deleted that webview app and all my apps are still crashing. I am a new member to the HTC one and I freaking hate it. I will never ever buy an android ever again. I have bad so many problems with this phone when I never had a problem with my iPhone. This is ridiculous. HTC one M8 is the worst freaking phone to have.

    • Ian Peddy

      be paitent. you dont know what you are talking about

    • We are each entitled to our own opinions but when you make a comment like that and don’t give any example of what issues you are incurring kinda makes me wonder whether this is a legit issue your having or you are just trolling the article.

    • Phil Rocci

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Aeron

        I am still having the problems after deleting as well so I don’t think he’s trolling I think he’s just a pissed Apple lover …

  • Alex Aspiotis

    Thank your for this post! Uninstalling updates for “Android System WebView” worked for me.

    Here are the step by step instructions:
    1) Get to the “App Manager” screen (one way: settings / App Manager)

    2) Swipe over to the “ALL” screen to see “All Apps Installed”

    3) Scroll down until you find “Android System WebView” (or use magnifying glass to
    search for “webview”) and press it

    4) Press “Uninstall Updates” button and enjoy!

    • Tom

      Nicely done, everything works!!

  • Edgar de la Cruz

    Thank you everyone! it fixed my problem

  • MDanley

    Thanks you so much everyone. The uninstall did the trick.

  • MartyHammel

    Just another reason I don’t have auto updates turned on. My m8 has been running great. Recently I’ve avoided two of these type of issues by not updating automatically. The other is an Android wear update that many have complained about. Another that I had to backtrack on (I took the update) was keep. Is Google’s testing, before releasing updates, taking a dive?

  • Raymond Coulter

    Thank you for this article and the helpful comments. I had searched a bit on my phone for the last couple days and just suffered through it. Uninstalling the last update from Adroid System Webview did the trick.

  • jeremy schroeder

    Thank you, that was it, I uninstalled it and it worked great. To bad Google has to do this to us from time to time. Makes life frustrating.

  • Nguyen Nix

    It worked!! Thanks so much- you guys are life savers. I LOVE my M8 and thought it was a goner…glad this uninstall update thing worked :-).

  • Chloe Coates

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ☛


  • jpelon78

    thanks for the fix. All apps are functioning properly again.

  • Dave R

    3 Steps to Webview as App Crash Fix:

    First Clear the Cache for the “Android System Weview”, before trying any of this. Make sure that when you look for the app in the list, you’re looking at “All” apps, not “User” apps, or you won’t see it.

    You most likely do NOT need to Uninstall Webview if that’s the cause of your apps crashing. Just follow the steps below and try them first.

    Also, Google’s been aware of this problem and may have it fixed now. So if you normally update manually, make sure Webview is up to date and if not, try that first.

    Assuming those aren’t the case, perform the following steps:

    1) You MUST first tell the Google Play Store to only “Update Manually” in its settings, or it will just update Webview back up into the same issue.

    2) You don’t need to Uninstall the “Android System Webview” app. 9 out of 10 times, just telling it to “Uninstall Updates” will work.

    3) Lastly, immediately reboot, because the switch to Manual Updates won’t take effect until you do!

    Enjoy! :-)