Say goodbye to the Nexus 7 as Google pulls listing from store page


The Nexus 7 was Google’s initiative to kick start affordable, well-performing 7-inch Android tablets. The first N7 was a fantastic device, and its 2013 successor was every bit as good at an affordable price point.

After releasing the Nexus 9 and not even mentioning the possibility of a refreshed 7-inch tablet, though, most of us could see the writing on the wall about the Nexus 7’s fate. Today, it’s finally happened, as Google no longer offers the Nexus 7 on their online store. Finding a listing for the Nexus 7 specifically says that it’s no longer for sale.

Google’s Nexus program has changed over the past couple of years, moving away from extremely affordable devices to more high-end devices that offer a flagship caliber experience without sacrificing development options and quick updates. Unfortunately, that move comes with flagship caliber price tags, too, which is evident in the Nexus 9’s doubled price tag over the Nexus 7.

It’s a sad day, but there are no shortage of excellent 7-inch tablets on the market right now. They may not be Nexus tablets, but plenty of them are still excellent, affordable options, so in that sense the Nexus 7 did exactly what it set to do before slowly fading away.

source: Google Store

About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.

  • Al Raguckas

    The worst thing Google did with the 9 inch tablet was use HTC as the manufacturer instead of ASUS. Oh well, ASUS picked up where the Nexus 7 left off by producing a 7 inch tablet similar to the Nexus 7 with a expansion slot but with half the external storage for $100 less than the Nexus 7. If or when my Nexus 7 quits, I am sure there will be a 7 inch comparable that will be available. I will not opt for the Nexus 9 because of price and the reported poor build quality.

    • Juurikas

      The build quality has been improved a lot after first batch.
      Better backcase that doesn’t bend in, buttons brought up and added tactile feedback, light bleading gone or very minimal what you don’t notice unless you seek it totally pure black screen like booting screen.

  • Michael

    Now this is an actual, informative posting.

  • M42

    I have the last generation of the N7. While I like the size and idea of running pure Google without a brand’s launcher the tablet has been a pure disappointment. The hardware has several problems, that are widely documented on the web. And Asus’ service, both repair and customer service, are the worst I’ve ever encountered.

    But for those brave souls who like the size and concept of this tablet and like to roll the dice I’m sure you’ll be able to pick one up on Amazon or eBay for some time to come.

  • Cole C

    A reason the 7s were so cheap because of cheap parts. Shows now when the devices are failing at an alarming rate. Cheap ram

  • jz100

    Funny, I have had zero problems with its hardware. The only thing I don’t like is how tiny the print is due to its size.