The LG G4’s leather backing takes about four times as long to make

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With the G4 set to debut officially next week, we’ve seen a number of leaks showing off the brand new leather backing the device will sport. While there will be more traditional options, the leather is geared to give a premium feel. If you do decide to purchase the G4 with a leather backing know that a lot of effort went into making the back.

According to LG, it takes four times the effort to make the leather backing than it does the traditional backing. Instead of it being a four week process the leather back takes 12-16 weeks to manufacture. Some of the process involved is the vegetable tanning, which is considered one of the most environment-friendly way to do it.

LG also admits that the leather may look a bit weird on the G4, but that’s relative. Is a leather backing on the G4 enough to make it your next phone or does it even matter? Let us know in the comments section below.

source: Korea Times
via: G for Games


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  • Clint Trowbridge

    I thought 4 times the 4 weeks would be 16 weeks, not 12.

  • J G

    I’m going to get it anyway. The leather backing is a bonus. I appreciate the process. I wish they would have had leather and other types of replacement backs for the G3.