Razer taking pre-orders for its Forge TV set-top box, ships by April 29


The selection of Android TV devices is about to expand as the NVIDIA SHIELD and Razer Forge TV set-top boxes near their releases. Both devices are expected to arrive next month and Razer has started taking pre-orders for the Forge TV. The set-top box ships alone by April 29 and has a $99 price tag. The bundle, which includes the Serval controller, costs $149 and ships the following week by May 5. For those not interested in the controller, we suggest that you do get the bundle anyways because the controller costs $79 when purchased alone.

Are you interested in the Razer Forge TV or any other Android TV device? Let us know in the comments why or why not.

[Razer Forge TV] [Bundle] [Serval Controller]

  • fredphoesh

    Nvidia Shield Console! Knocks the crap out of this box… coming in about a month or so…

  • lamenting

    No word on the Razer Turret keyboard accessory?

    • Justin_Herrick

      Still nothing on it. Razer isn’t exactly the best when it comes to keeping everyone informed on the status of their products.