John Legere praises Project Fi for contributing “fresh blood and fresh thinking”

John Legere

There are existing two wireless networks that Google’s Project Fi operates on in addition to more than one million WiFi hotspots. They belong to Sprint and T-Mobile. So those two carriers are bound to receive their fair share of attention in the coming weeks and months as people in the United States explore what Google has to offer with Project Fi. John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, is really excited about Project Fi because of its ability to deliver a new, alternative approach. That is something that Legere feels the wireless industry lacks.

In a company blog post, Legere reflects on the history T-Mobile and Google share. The two worked on launching the G1, the world’s first Android smartphone. Soon, the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile will have WiFi calling activated and become the first Nexus device to have that feature. Allowing Project Fi to use its network is just another step taken together by T-Mobile and Google.

Here is where Legere draws a connection between T-Mobile and Google’s take on utilizing a WiFi connection:

“One of the coolest things about Project Fi − IMHO − is Google’s new technology that allows them to move customers between Wi-Fi and cellular partner networks based on the network that’s the fastest at any given time.

Last fall, T-Mobile led the industry in un-leashing Wi-Fi, basically turning every Wi-Fi connection in the world into a T-Mobile tower. Now, Project Fi lets customers easily access public Wi-Fi and cellular networks − there’s no doubt that we share a vision that is great for customers.

Since the cellular connection will be made based on network speed, we expect to capture the largest share of traffic coming from Project Fi customers – and chances are good that these customers are going to be riding on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. The T-Mobile Data Strong™ network!  If Project Fi customers are anything like our own, we expect they’ll be data-hungry!”

The T-Mobile CEO, in addition to being ecstatic about exposing T-Mobile’s network to more people, applauds Google’s work for doing something “that could directly benefit tomorrow’s American wireless customers.” Legere wants the industry to shift away from old practices and into an area of “fresh blood and fresh thinking.”

Source: T-Mobile

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