SwiftKey, Dashlane coming together for in-keyboard password storage


Bringing together custom keyboards and password storage can be a beautiful thing for mobile devices. Every site requiring credentials from a person can be completed with the same app that they type daily with. It looks like that perfect match is becoming a reality as a partnership between SwiftKey and Dashlane is expected to be announced shortly.

The v5.3 beta of SwiftKey, which is set to arrive sometime this week, offers password completion from Dashlane. Concerned about a keyboard app seeing something? Fear not. SwiftKey never touches personal information and merely grabs whatever is stored with Dashlane.

The feature works on both websites and applications.

Via: Android Police

  • Judy Martinez

    This is great news. Dashlane is a wonderful App. It’s simple and always works, holding passwords in a highly encoded manner It also fills out forms flawlessly, inserting passwords when called for. It fills out forms at sights where Lastpass has been unable to do so for me. The Swftkey/Dashlane combo will be unbeatable. This news is lilke Christmas coming in April !