Google becomes a wireless carrier with Project Fi


Today, Google announced that it would become a wireless carrier with the introduction of Project Fi. Rather than going through the very expensive and exhausting process of building a network, Google opted to utilize two existing networks. Project Fi takes advantage of service provided by T-Mobile and Sprint whenever a WiFi connection is not available. Project Fi also supports calls and texts over a WiFi connection in the absence of LTE service.

The focus, though, is for Project Fi customers to connect to Google’s more than one million free WiFi hotspots. Project Fi customers can travel about and connect to these WiFi hotspots automatically. Data remains secured through encryption despite automatically connecting to these WiFi hotspots without notice.

Having a WiFi connection will greatly benefit Project Fi customers as Google will credit them for unused data. The base price of $20 per month covers talk, text, WiFi tethering, and international coverage. For access to T-Mobile and Sprint networks, customers pay $10 for each gigabyte that they feel is needed. Google then returns funds to the customer if there is any unused data. For example, using 1.4GB on a 3GB plan credits the customer with $16. Project Fi customers only pay for exactly what they use.

Project Fi, as expected, starts with the Nexus 6 being the only device supported through its Early Access Program.

You can request an invite for Project Fi by clicking here.

Source: Google

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  • WTF? I guess this is just something else not available to paying Google Apps Users. Screw you Google.