New trademark filed by Google could transform your walls into giant screens


Google has been awarded a new patent by the USPTO which could finally allow for your walls to project images and content at will. This is straight from a futuristic movie and works exactly like it sounds.

The patent mentions that the walls have to be equipped with photo-reactive paint. There will also be a projector which would emit light onto the walls. And when the laser from the projector hits the walls (known as the “Theme”), the color of the wall will change into something similar to that of a desktop wallpaper.

The wall works exactly like an e-ink display in that it won’t change the picture until the projector emits a new image. It is being said that even videos can be projected on these walls.

We have to reiterate that this is still a patent and Google isn’t close to bringing this idea to fruition, but it’s good to know that the company is thinking about getting something like this to the market.

Do you like the idea of a wall which could transform into a TV? Let us know below.

Via: Quartz

  • PatentThis

    Trademark != patent … sort it out!

  • Pierre Lebeau

    In the meantime, Keecker ( does this for you today and runs on Android too :)