The OnePlus One is now available without an invite forever, 75% off accessories for 24 hours


It was just about one year ago to the day (actually 4/23) when the OnePlus was announced to the world. It has been a crazy ride for sure with interesting marketing promotions and such. Probably the craziest thing has been the invite system, but that is no more starting today. The OnePlus is now available globally every day of the week, and you don’t need an invite. This isn’t for a limited time either, it’s forever.

Now if you’re starting to get the idea that this no invite system will pass along to the OnePlus 2, think again. OnePlus just announced that the invite system will be back for it.

Now on top of this wonderful news, OnePlus is also taking 75% off OnePlus Flip covers and Premium Screen Protectors for 24 hours. Bamboo StyleSwap covers required an invite, but that has been eliminated for the sale as well (while supplies last). This sale is only available in USA/Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

I guess the big question is how they decided on this promotion, and that is revealed in the following video…

Are you still loving your OnePlus One?

source: OnePlus

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