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There’s no such thing as having too many apps on your smartphone, am I right? And sure, while you’ll always have your favourite apps, there’s so many others to try out, perhaps you are bored of your current game or you are looking at trying our a new fitness tracker. Whatever your needs, Amazon have probably got you covered with its latest collection of free apps worth a combined $105.

The free apps cover a variety of different categories ranging from games, fitness trackers and technical search engines to flight trackers and dictionaries among others. The list of free apps are:

  1. Plants vs. Zombies
  2. WolframAlpha
  3. Table Top Racing
  4. Runtastic PRO GPS
  5. MeteoEarth
  6. Songsterr Guitar Tabs
  7. Adventure Time Wizard
  8. Amazing Alex Premium
  9. Osmos HD
  10. Virtua Tennis Challenge
  11. Flightradar 24 Pro – Kindle Edition
  12. CityMaps2Go Pro
  13. Pudding Monsters HD
  14. F18 Carrier Landing II Pro
  15. Splashtop Whiteboard
  16. Unmechanical
  17. Prince of Persia Classic
  18. LectureNotes
  19. A Better Camera Unlocked
  20. RDP Pro Client: aRDP
  21. Mobile Doc Scanner
  22. Oxford Spanish Dictionary
  23. TouchDraw
  24. Fun English Course
  25. Chess and Mate – Premium

The good news is that the free apps are available for both the US and the UK.

Source: Amazon US, UK

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