Don’t have a phone that has wireless charging? Duracell has your back with a giant wireless charging ring that hooks to your micro-USB port

duracell ring

Wait, what? Sometimes you come across some odd products via random brands, but this time you have a fairly big company taking a whack at a fairly odd product that will allow devices that don’t have wireless charging to wireless charge via their “Ring”. As you can see above, the Ring grants you the ability to place your device onto any wireless charger and charge it. While a really cool idea, I just question the practicality of it as the Ring isn’t exactly small. The fairly large size may be more of a nuisance than anything.

Either way, I think the idea itself is wonderful. The Ring comes with a charging pad and sets you back at an odd number of $53.98. If you would like more info on the product or would like to purchase one, you can check out the source link below. 

What do you guys think about this? Something you’d use, or just not practical? Let us know!

source: Duracell

  • XMath650

    Why would you use this over a simple cable? It seems like a burden.

  • Nexus Venturi

    Late April fools joke maybe?

    I guess it could possibly offer a benefit when using public charging pads if standard cords weren’t available.

  • jd

    What is the benefit? If you have to plug the device in there really is no added benefit as plugging in a cable is no different.

  • makapav

    “Either way, I think the idea itself is wonderful.”

    Clueless writer making dumbass statements. These comments are more insightful than your brown-nosing. Do some research and give your readers better advice and judgment Macky. There are $10 stickers that do a way better job of providing wireless charging options to phones without the capability.

    • Mackster248

      Why so angry.

      What advice and judgement? That the idea itself is good, just not practical? Not sure where you’re going with this.

      • makapav

        I am not angry, I am just disappointed that someone with so much reach cared so little about his readers with that statement,

        • Mackster248

          So I’m not allowed to like the idea of the product but dislike its practicality? I honestly don’t know why you got upset over this article. In no way was I trying to persuade readers into anything.

  • DNH

    The utility of the ring would be if you are at a coffeeshop or other location which has Powermat inductive chargers but no available USB chargers or outlets.

    My phone has Qi inductive charging, but Starbucks, for example, has standardized on Duracell/Powermat and is not compatible.