Dropbox is working on a Google Docs and Evernote killer


Dropbox has confirmed they are working on a Google Docs and Evernote alternative called Project Composer. It was discovered last week when it apparently was made available online for a brief period in error.

It looks a lot like a word processor, and just like Google Docs, multiple users can edit and share files at the same time. This would mean that Dropbox users would be able to edit docs within dropbox, rather than opening separate software then saving the file to Dropbox.

Business Insider spoke with Ilya Fushman, Dropbox’s head of product, business and mobile earlier in the week and he confirmed that Composer is something they are working on.

Unfortunately we don’t have a timeline for when Composer will be released. All Fushman said is that they test new products with consumers all the time before releasing anything to make sure it’s a right fit.

Is Dropbox too late to the party on this one?

source: Business Insider