Antitrust lawsuit against Google gets dismissed


Recently, two smartphone customers filed a class action lawsuit against Google claiming that they were artificially driving up the price of smartphones by forcing Android OEMs to use Google apps as the default on their devices. This made it harder for a company to rely on Bing or Yahoo! Mail instead of Google and Gmail. Kind of a tough argument to prove, but the suit was filed anyway.

Unfortunately for the two customers that filed the suit, they were unable to prove any correlation between bundled Google apps and higher smartphone prices. If anything, Android (and Google, indirectly) has helped push smartphone prices lower than ever. Just look at devices like the extremely affordable Moto X, or Google’s newly launched Android One phones. These phones are significantly more powerful and more affordable than they’ve ever been.

Google still has antitrust legal issues in Europe, but at least in the US, the company’s out of the fire. For now, anyway.

source: Reuters

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    The problem with this argument is that Android is free to use. They require their apps to be bundled because it’s their revenue stream.The revenues from Google ads, Google Play and the Google suite of apps pay for continued development of the Android software and environment. Without it, Android would be a HUGE capital drain for Google.